Friday, April 02, 2004

Pride of the Magi

My friend had a screening of her short film tonight, "Gift of the Living", based on O. Henry's "Gift of the Magi" and dedicated to her grandmother. It was a beautiful film and wonderfully acted by a few notables, not the least of which is Irma P. Hall, who is now starring in "LadyKillers". I'm so proud of Tamika Miller, the writer and director, and I'm very proud to say she is my friend. At 1 year younger than myself, she was at a similar early stage in her career as I was when we met. Yet since that time, she has accomplished so many of her dreams in such huge fashion and so successfully. I am inspired by her. I hope all the success for her that she has worked so hard to achieve. I don't believe I am less capable than her, but I believe she has reaped what she has worked for, and I am where I am (or where I'm not) because my efforts have never been very concentrated. But I expect the world will soon know the name Tamika Miller, and I am happy for her. She deserves it!


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