Monday, May 24, 2004

Sick of Being Sick... Life's Too Short

So, I was on my way to work thinking about how much I hate being sick. I can have the most minor of colds, but I have this horrible post nasal thing and before you know it, the entire cold has centralized right in the middle of my head. And there it sits until finally (and usually suddenly) my body decides it's done with this cold thing and is ready to expel it from my system. The results aren't pretty. And they aren't quick. So sad is this state of affairs that it usually takes a good week AFTER my illness before people start to become really worried about my well-being. "You sound awful!" "Maybe you should go home?" "You look like you're going to die." Gee, thanks body. So, for the privilege of usually only getting sick in 1-4 day bursts, I often pay for it for months at a time. And really, I am pretty thankful that it isn't as serious as it seems. It's just frustrating that maybe I'm not at top game, not able expend my energy in more meaningful ways to take advantage of this life while I have it.

OK, I know that last bit sounds perhaps morbid. But one of those trifectas happened to me once I arrived at work today, and as these things tend to do, it made me think about how important it is to enjoy life while you've got it.

What's the trifecta? It's how things tend to happen in 3's, particularly deaths. A co-worker friend of mine and I sometimes IM each other after 2 celebrities have passed away. "Beware the trifecta!" Then we guess who is next. Fun game. But today at work, the trifecta hit... all at once. It started when I arrived late (see my "Notarized" post). My boss came over and I expected him to mention my tardiness. Instead he asked "Has anyone spoken to you yet?" No,they hadn't. Well, the (not-so-unexpected) passing of our Exec. Producer's mother finally happened over the weekend. Bad news, indeed. Oh, and the grandfather of one of the actors passed away as well. Sad, awful timing. Ironically, last week my boss and I were creating the first "In Memory of" card for our show in its 4+ year run. A crafts service person died during prep for our 5th season. I asked him if we should save the template for the dedication card, god forbid we should need it again. He said he didn't want to plan for that possibility. Sad to say, but I guess we should have planned.

Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention... one of our actors died, too. What? Really? All this weekend? Heart attack. He was only 43. He was healthy. And he had young children.

A young, healthy, happy man of 43 years old should not just drop dead. And I'm sure given the opportunity, he wouldn't let a cold stop him from living if he had the chance again. Even if you SOUND like death,it doesn't mean you're not still alive. Life's too short. Live it fully, and don't regret a minute of it.


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