Friday, June 25, 2004

"Celebrity" Sighting

While waiting at the airport for Tracy to come back on her horrible ATA flight, I saw Troy, from "The Apprentice", arrive in L.A. I wasn't sure if it was him 100%, he was shorter than I expected, as is often the case with celebrities, both real and created via "reality" TV. But the driver picking him up at the airport said "Troy?" and he said "That's me!" as they walked off. Another telling factor: He wasn't flying ATA. "Celebrities" probably wouldn't be stupid enough to do that. He came off the flight pretty early, indicating first class, and ATA shared a terminal with Alaska Airlines, which actually had monitors to tell you flight status. ATA, in addition to no first class, apparently cannot afford monitors. Anyway, I ask you, do faux celebrity sightings count?

If not, less notable but more meaningful to me, I also saw Lauri Hendler that same day... middle daughter on "Gimme a Break". I wanted to tell her I grew up watching her on TV. (I often watched with my grandma.) But alas, my boss whisked me away before I had a chance to make a fool of myself. On the other hand, she seemed super-cool and probably wouldn't have minded.


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