Monday, June 07, 2004

Laptop Hell

I finally worked remotely at a facility for my job, and instantly learned that my laptop was outdated and did not work properly to accommodate my job requirements. I use the term "MY" loosely. It was actually the laptop I was borrowing, and suddenly I realized that, despite great resistance over the years, it was indeed time to purchase a laptop of my own. This is the kind of purchase that makes me queasy inside. Dropping lots of money into a technology that not only do I know very little about now, but that will make itself obsolete before I even figure out how to use it satisfactorily. But alas, it had to be done. I finally settled on a Dell, after much Memorial Day research... and the day after Memorial Day I called to order my machine. Except the people at Dell suck... and after 1 hangup and several circular conversations, I realized that not only would they not honor the deal I researched so hard to find, but they wouldn't honor any of the 4 deals I had found. So I hung up, and was back to the drawing board. I finally picked up my new HP laptop on Saturday. I must say, it's pretty cool to have this new toy. Granted, it's big for a laptop. It's not ultra-slim like the Mac G-4's, nor is it lightweight. But once it's sitting on my desk, it has a lovely screen and good sound, and I'm just fine with my purchase. Ecstatic? No, I never seem to be ecstatic about expensive purchases having to do with constantly changing technology. But fine with the purchase, definitely. I got a decent deal, it looks pretty sharp, and most importantly it does what I need for the time being. So, right now I'm typing on it, at work, waiting for us to finish a show that has immeasurable stupid problems that will never be noticed for a millisecond by any of the viewing public. But that's the world of TV for you. Now my only question is... does anyone know how to clean a laptop screen without damaging it?


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