Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I've been struck with the overwhelming need to blog, the feeling of which weighs heavily on me as I ponder what my next posting will be about.  But nothing is coming to me.  No great adventures recently, no huge ups or downs.  I mean, life surely goes on, but it's just meandering at the moment. 

It's not to say I've been up to nothing.  In the past week, I've celebrated my birthday (no fanfare, no applause, please... if you already missed it, you're too late to cheer), I've been shopping for my parents' 40th anniversary (applause allowed here... it's a rare accomplishment these days), I went to the Hollywood Bowl again (Harry Connick, Jr. - easy on the eyes and ears), I went to the Orange County Fair again (yes, they had a ride "mishap" the day I was there... only a few were sent to the hospital, and I was glad I decided the construction of the rides made them too scary to indulge in), and I've watched Big Brother 5 like the sick fan that I am.  But really, no big news.  No big insights.  Just, sigh, life going by.

Here are questions I'm pondering:
- Are Adria and Natalie going to make it to week 5 in the Big Brother house?!
- Is waterless cookware worth the extra big $$$?
- Will I ever master the 4-ball juggle?
- Is that Melissa Etheridge autograph I got for my birthday real?
- Will DC ever get moving and have Tracy just finish the process already!?
- Do my friends really have to move to Canada before we hear from DC?
- Do I really have to fly to Sacramento the same weekend as the huge work party I've been waiting my whole career for takes place?
- Will my editor ever finish outputting the tape so I can go home already and finish with this pathetic blog?
- Is blogging always this hard?


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