Monday, August 02, 2004


Answers to previous post questions:

-Are Adria and Natalie going to make it to week 5 in the Big Brother house?! Yes, oh yes!!

- Is waterless cookware worth the extra big $$$? Still don't know, but if anyone has a comment, I'd really like to know.

- Will I ever master the 4-ball juggle? Still to be determined.

- Is that Melissa Etheridge autograph I got for my birthday real? Yes, oh yes!!! Yippee!!!

- Will DC ever get moving and have Tracy just finish the process already!? Maybe... Tracy's there now. Keep your fingers crossed!

- Do my friends really have to move to Canada before we hear from DC? Hopefully not.

- Do I really have to fly to Sacramento the same weekend as the huge work party I've been waiting my whole career for takes place? Umm, yes. Though I'm seriously debating going out of town this weekend anyway.

- Will my editor ever finish outputting the tape so I can go home already and finish with this pathetic blog? Yes, if "ever" means 9:40pm (note the time of the post was about 3 hours earlier). Sigh.

- Is blogging always this hard? Not always.


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