Monday, August 02, 2004

Bad Weekend

I want one of those little icons that livejournal has to show you my mood. Currently: grumpy and tired.

After a weekend that STARTED with a trip to the dentist resulting in a drilling job that was so perfectly done it just barely prevented needing a crown, it is safe to say that this was not my best weekend recently.

After the trip to the dentist, what should have turned into a lovely weekend alone with Tracy while the folks were away turned into a weekend I'd rather forget.

After the dentist, I went to work and wound up working to 10:30 at night. Not the worst in my career, but I was tired and Tracy was visiting me at work and she had to get up early, as did I. And it was just poor timing for a visit on a very rare late night.

After Friday, (how many paragraphs do you think I can start with "after"?), I had to get a plumber that would come on the weekend to unclog the kitchen sink and not rape me (figuratively or literally) . Turned out to be an easy and minor job, and he declared it so in a short amount of time. Except that while snaking the sink he happened to bust through the thin pipe causing water damage to everything under the sink, which he hadn't bothered to remove before the operation and didn't happen to notice until the operation was done. That left me paying for a replacement pipe and an afternoon of cleaning fun.

After the plumber, I ran a bunch of errands on Saturday, taking advantage of my early rise. I was admiring how much I was finally accomplishing, and relishing the fact that Tracy was called back to DC (with little notice) for final processing. Indeed, relishing the fact that we were finally catching up, making progress, tying up the loose ends and beginning to leave those old problems behind. I was going to make her dinner and rent a movie she wanted to see because she needed a good rest. She was working like crazy, getting no sleep, and now had to catch a plane Monday morning. Except, I got a phone call. Her car is broken down. Won't get out of park. I need to pick her up.

After I pick her up... 75 miles away... we have to figure out how to get her car back. 75 miles in a REAL city might be about an hour, but in my case, it's the 405, and she's waiting almost 3 hours (no joke!) before I get to her. Of course, doesn't hurt that a concert is blocking all the streets in the area that night. When I tell the policeman I'm picking up an employee, he suggests it's a pretty bad night to pick for doing that. Go figure, I picked this night to have the car break down. And speaking of the car, we can't tow it... we don't have that kind of coverage. And if a friend's friend ever suggests you can increase AAA at the last minute to take advantage of a long tow, they're lying. 7 day waiting period. She could move it onto the fairground lot... if the fair didn't happen to be in progress. No, she has to leave it on the street.

After Saturday, she takes an extra car to work and we figure she'll tow it after work into the fair property. But she calls me Sunday and says her co-workers removed a fuse and now it can get out of park... i.e. it works. So now she's stuck down there with 2 cars. So, I drive down 75 miles with a friend and, since it is the fair, we decide to have some fun. Our friend hasn't been before. We stay a little after Tracy gets off work, because after the 2+ hour drive (again!... it's slightly better on Sunday than Saturday) we don't want to rush right back. But Tracy hasn't slept, has important testing, and has to catch a plane in the morning. So we call it a day. Of couse, when we get back to her car, it won't even turn over anymore. So, we're about to jump it when she finally realized she needs to put the fuse in to start the car. But when she puts the fuse back in, she can no longer get it out of park. So, while the car is running, she yanks the fuse, and we're back in business.

After the car starts to drive, our friend takes off and we enter the freeway. But her car won't shift into gear, an electrical warning light as well as a transmission light are now on, and we're crawling. So we pull off. We realize my brother lives close, so we dump the car at his place, knowing it will probably have to stay a week until the AAA extension takes effect and because the same day she returns, I am leaving town, so we're a bit shorthanded to take care of this mess. Plus my brother doesn't have an extra parking space, so we park on the street, call the police to say it will be there a while, leave a note, and finally hit the road in the car she originally took to work at 6am.

After we get home, well after midnight, we are too tired to pack, too tired to do anything. So we both collapse. She gets up late the next morning, then begins to pack and, once we arrive, the airport is as packed as I've ever seen it minus a weather delay. But I see her off and am only an hour late to work.

The worst part: The car is still 80 miles away (it's farther now, as we backtracked to my brother), we still don't have a tow, we still don't know what's wrong with it or how much it will cost, and we won't be in town together at the same time on a non-work day for at least 2 weeks to take care of it! Sigh. I don't need another weekend like this!!


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