Monday, August 23, 2004

Friday Makes the Weekend

It has taken a while since my last post. But knowing how many read it, I don't feel so bad. Even if I did feel bad, which is a waste of energy for a blog, I have a decent excuse.

Ever since my "bad weekend," things kept getting worse and worse. Among many things was the quick death of my new laptop. You remember the laptop, right? The technological device I was sick about purchasing in the first place because they cost too much and things always go wrong with them? Anyway, to make a long story short, the computer is now in a FedEx package on its way to the computer fixer-uppers. It should return about 2 weeks from now, set back to factory specifications with none of my stuff on it. I have been without a functioning computer at work for almost 2 weeks, or at least when I can't use the desktop that I have there. I now, finally, have a loaner computer, which does not have a CD burner, wireless internet access, or Windows XP... and I am sad. But I am better than I was 2 weeks ago, and that is a good thing.

Part of the help in feeling better I must attribute to a change in Fridays. Normally, Fridays end with a horrible drive in traffic (OK, OK, so that's every day, day or night) culminating in a collapse onto the bed that would rival any Olympic gold-medal dive. I'm tired, I'm crabby, and I sleep. The rest of the weekend seems to just follow sleep (er, step). Late rise Saturday, few hours of sunlight, and attempt #2 to break the world record collapsing performance on Saturday night. Then we start all over again on Sunday, only to have the weekend end on Monday morning with the rude sound of an alarm clock.

But for the past two Fridays, I have made an attempt to be social. A week ago Friday, Tracy & I went to Diane's house for a "Happy Hour" and Olympic Opening Ceremonies viewing party. Then we hustled over to Travis & Susie's for a hot tub and some stimulating conversation. This great start to the weekend just made even the most frustrating things seem a little easier (including the drive to the computer people). The weekend really seemed to stretch. I felt like I had three days off instead of two.

Last Friday, we did it again. This time we went to Joyce's for some dinner and movie-viewing. It was an excellent segue into the baby shower and zoo weekend. (Side note: overcast, cool days in summer are a great time to see the animals! I saw my first joey out of the pouch, a wolf and a few coyotes up close and personal, an active fossa, several baby markhors, and a family of ducks. Good zoo day... of course, I forgot the camera! Anyway, back to the story.) Again, I felt like the weekend was much longer... in the good way! Now I've decided that even if tired, I must make a conscientious effort to try and do something, SOMETHING (preferably with friends and out of our current dwelling) on Friday nights to stretch my weekends. Otherwise life just keeps going by way too fast with nothing, no memories, to show for it.


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