Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Debate Question

President Bush, Senator Kerry. I would like to ask why you take a stand against same-sex marriage? Is it your religious conviction? For surely, there should be a separation of church and state. Is it because "that is the way it has always been?" For we all know that laws are in constant flux and "the way it has always been" is not necessarily "the way it should always be."

President Bush, you talk about freeing the people of this world while you bind your own citizens with oppressive restrictions, even on their right of who to love. President Bush, look me in the eye and tell me why some citizens of the United States can live wherever they want, but I have to make a conscious choice and decide that I cannot live in certain states within my own country because some state laws are so restrictive. Is this freedom? You say you will reduce taxes to all citizens, listing as an example the fact that you have reduced the marriage penalty because you want to encourage marriage. But you would rather encourage the multiple marriages of Brittany Spears or Michael Jackson before you would honor the commitment of a gay couple who has been together over 40 years. How is that a tax break for all? It certainly isn't a tax break for me. You say you oppose abortion and would seek other alternatives. Among them, you would encourage adoption, while in the same breath you would restrict adoptions for same-sex partners. You would provide tax breaks to families who have children, but you deny second-parent adoptions. You propose a constitutional amendment to verify your religious beliefs, the only amendment other than Prohibition (which failed) to restrict the rights of United States citizens rather than to grant them. How can you speak of freeing the world when you imprison your own people?

Senator Kerry, how can you stand there with a smug grin on your face while I rip into the President's policies, while your silence is almost as dangerous as his action? How can you pander to the voting public rather than speak up for what you know is right? You have yet to offer a reason for being against same-sex marriage. I believe it's either because you aren't against it, which makes your lack of conviction repulsive, or you are indeed against it, and are playing both sides of the coin. Again I ask, look me in the eye and tell ME, not the country, not the voting public, tell ME why I am a second-class citizen.

Which town hall debate do you think will let me read my question?


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