Thursday, December 02, 2004

The House That Got Away

Tracy and I found the "perfect" house. Of course, it's 3000 miles away and I've only seen pictures. But the size, beauty, and location were all a great fit. Our realtor said she had been talking to the seller and it was still available. What she didn't say is they'd only been playing telephone tag... for several days. The house sold today, for over asking price. And asking price was really pushing our limits. The problem is Tracy hasn't seen a house she's liked even remotely as much, for either more or less money. It is really discouraging, because of the distance, our financial situation, and the fact that Tracy won't even consider a town house. I think, unfortunately, that we have to accept we are not so well off, and we should consider that we do in fact need a "starter home." But I'm not alone in these decisions. And so, we continue to look. And the pressure and the strain and the stress of the job, the distance, the move, the car(s), and the house hunting take their toll. Meanwhile, in the back of our heads, is the thought that this house went for over asking price with 4 bids in a very off-season house-selling month. Things are only supposed to get worse, and we fear if we don't have a house by February, that we may very well be priced out of Maryland as well as Los Angeles, and we might have to face the fact that we'll never be home-owners. What a country!


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