Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I've been struck with the overwhelming need to blog, the feeling of which weighs heavily on me as I ponder what my next posting will be about.  But nothing is coming to me.  No great adventures recently, no huge ups or downs.  I mean, life surely goes on, but it's just meandering at the moment. 

It's not to say I've been up to nothing.  In the past week, I've celebrated my birthday (no fanfare, no applause, please... if you already missed it, you're too late to cheer), I've been shopping for my parents' 40th anniversary (applause allowed here... it's a rare accomplishment these days), I went to the Hollywood Bowl again (Harry Connick, Jr. - easy on the eyes and ears), I went to the Orange County Fair again (yes, they had a ride "mishap" the day I was there... only a few were sent to the hospital, and I was glad I decided the construction of the rides made them too scary to indulge in), and I've watched Big Brother 5 like the sick fan that I am.  But really, no big news.  No big insights.  Just, sigh, life going by.

Here are questions I'm pondering:
- Are Adria and Natalie going to make it to week 5 in the Big Brother house?!
- Is waterless cookware worth the extra big $$$?
- Will I ever master the 4-ball juggle?
- Is that Melissa Etheridge autograph I got for my birthday real?
- Will DC ever get moving and have Tracy just finish the process already!?
- Do my friends really have to move to Canada before we hear from DC?
- Do I really have to fly to Sacramento the same weekend as the huge work party I've been waiting my whole career for takes place?
- Will my editor ever finish outputting the tape so I can go home already and finish with this pathetic blog?
- Is blogging always this hard?

Friday, July 16, 2004

Good Eatin's

For all of the plusses and minuses of my current job, the one perk I cannot complain about is the food.  I don't think I've ever eaten this well in my life, let alone at a job.  I've had my share of jobs with food poison-inducing caterers, jobs where I forked out my own money for fast food or company cafeterias on a regular basis, and of course the jobs where I didn't have the time to stop and eat at all.  Case in point, the job where I lost 15 pounds of "good" weight in less than 3 months. 
But my current job.  Oh, where to begin!  I've had fresh fish almost daily, from salmon to swordfish to fish 'n chips (and we're talking GOOD fish 'n chips!).  I've had spaghetti and ravioli and tortellini, fresh asparagus, chicken with mango sauce, fresh mangos, chocolate cake, ice cream, fresh salad bars, brushetta, crab cakes, prawn shrimp, fried bananas and apples, smoothies... I've even had filet mignon.  And if I was a bigger meat eater, I could have had a variety of other meats including pork tenderloin, roast beef, chicken marsala, ribs, sausage, etc., etc...  Often, many of these options are available at the same time.  And it's all you can eat!
The craft service is also available all day long, in case you get hungry between meals.  They have vegetables and fresh baked cookies and brownies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Krispy Kreme donuts, candy bars, fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, and any number of drinks.  Sometimes in the afternoons, they'll even bring in a special "snack," in case you haven't had enough to eat.  I've had pizza and tacos for this snack before, and I've also seen them bring in In 'n Out burgers.  But yesterday, I was travelling downstairs looking for a brownie, when I saw... sushi.  I'm not a huge sushi eater, but I love California rolls and some of the other cooked items.  Anyway, I thought they just ordered it in from a restaurant or something when I rubbed my eyes again to make sure I was seeing correctly.  Sushi on a platform in front of 3 sushi chefs!  Making it to order.  Mmmm, I could really get used to this.
P.S. Note to self: Must go to the gym MUCH more frequently.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Going Bowling

Another reason I'm not crazy about IPOD? You just can't compare downloading "The Simpsons" theme music, to hearing it performed live by a 70ish-piece orchestra outdoors under a moonlit sky at the Hollywood Bowl. That's what I did last Friday night, at TV Night II at the Hollywood Bowl. If you've never gone "Bowling", you don't know what you're missing. Other fun activities this weekend: An outdoor movie screening of "Lilo & Stitch" at a park in West Hollywood, and a day at the Orange County Fair. Aside from the sunburn, it was a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Driving Me Crazy

I remember that when I learned to drive, I loved to drive... for years. I inherited a love for driving from my parents. I could travel to Sacramento by myself with no problem and I even enjoyed it. But after the increasing LA commuter traffic, my passion has diminished. LA traffic drives me crazy. I have physically seen my commute time increase over a 1/2 hour in 6 months, and that was almost 2 years ago. When "they" used to talk about population increases and overcrowding, such things were non-tangible concepts that would happen years and years from now, practically unnoticeably. But I've noticed. And quickly. Now, getting in the car puts me to sleep almost instantly. Driving has become a danger. And I don't want to do it anymore. It has made even short drives to the store or a friend's house practically unbearable. Sometimes I'll even stay at work later to avoid the drive home. I'm finally looking forward to moving to a city with real, effective public transportation. I hope we get there before everyone else does, too!

What is IPOD?

IPOD is all the talk at work, in electronic store mailings, and on websites. What do I think of IPOD? I don't care. IPOD to me stands for "I Prefer Other Devices." I'm not a technological junky. I don't like to play all day on computers and I don't care if my radio is full of commercials and talk. I love music and will listen to most anything, but I don't want to have to download it. I like animals and sunshine and moonlight and activity. I can't even believe I blog. I prefer to spend my time hiking in the mountains, going to the movies, swimming, talking with friends, and window shopping (NOT buying) other items I don't really need or care about.