Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Averaging Out at O.K.

The original name of this posting was going to be "Miserable," because after just over a month of hard-core home-buying business, that's exactly how I've been. No one tells you the truth about such matters, but it is hard to believe home-buying is the American Dream. Several times in the past couple of days, I have been ready to pull the plug on the whole operation. Nothing ever seems to go right for us. We've had problems with the realtors, the offers, the houses, the closing date, the financing, the insurance, the move... There have been many times I decided I just don't want this damn house anymore!! However, if we can just make it past Friday without a big glitch, we will finally officially be homeowners. My boss finally admitted to me how difficult purchasing a home can be... he said the only thing worse than buying a home, is buying one when you have one to sell. I can't see why anyone would go through this twice... you must forget how bad it is after a while, kind of like childbirth (from what I've been told).

So, speaking of childbirth... this morning I became an aunt for the first time. This is very exciting news for me. I am quite happy, a proud aunt indeed! A baby girl was born to my brother and sister-in-law at 8:30 this morning. Through the chaos and distance, we haven't seen a picture yet, but we're told she was 7 lbs., 8 ozs., 19 inches, and we think her name is Rachel. Because of the timing of the birth and the move, I may not get to see her for several months, and that is quite disappointing.

Also disappointing is the news of my friends' cat, who fell ill too early in this life, and was lost this past weekend. She was a great cat. I'll say the second-best cat ever (next to mine, of course... although I admit there were times when I would even put her at #1). I feel for the loss... animals that touch us can be our best friends, and sometimes as close if not closer than family. She will be missed.

And so, the ups, the downs, the ups, the downs... I guess I'm no longer "miserable," but just averaging out at "O.K."


At 8:24 PM, Blogger ForestRane said...

Ahh, I know all to well what you have been through. It wasn't until we had both lost it that someone told us buying and selling a house at the same time was definitely not a smart thing to do. I'm glad the house is yours now. I absolutely know how you were feeling on the day you wrote this. I was probably just a month ahead of you in all of these emotions, frustrations, etc.

(I figured I'd just create my own signon over here and bug you.)


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