Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Preview of Things to Come

Just a brief post to summarize observations on my last trip to DC/MD as visitor... next time it's as resident.

1. House is officially ours... yeah!

2. Celebrated in Baltimore at "Howl at the Moon", a great bar with dualing pianos, incredible sexual energy, and tons of fun.

3. Driving a stick shift with no power steering right after a snowfall is not the best way to learn a new city, nor the best way to learn how to drive in snow, nor the best way to learn how to drive manual transmission.

4. Some of my friends have blogs where they do a weekly theme. I have friends who sum up TV shows every week, who write about books they've read, who have weekly contests. I've decided I'm going to have "Protest of the Week." Only a sampling below, but look for it once I've settled in. Apparently, the presence of these protests will dictate both my metro travel experiences as well as my wife's work schedule at least on a weekly basis.

Protest of the Week: "Right to Life" Nothing like cramming onto a metro full of religious freaks with an attitude only 2 days after being bombarded by their posters of some of the most graphic images I've ever seen on the way back from closing on our house. It took every ounce of control to stop myself from saying a few choice sentences, such as "Honey, did you pick up the morning after pills from the pharmacy this morning?" and "I heard your crack whore friend's addict baby finally wound up in foster care after no one would adopt him, but died after being beaten... she must feel terrible."


At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Adnan said...

Yeah Little Debbie! You tell 'em..never heard you say crack whore before..that alone was poetry...


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