Thursday, February 24, 2005

I Hate Refrigerators

My wife and I bought a fridge a few years back. It was our first major appliance purchase, so it meant a lot to us. Soon after purchase, however, circumstance forced us to put the fridge into storage. In the course of a year and a half of storage rent, we could have purchased a perfectly good new fridge, but my wife would have none of it. Apparently, we owned the best fridge and we were going to keep it until we died.

Flash forward to "the move." Perhaps this would be the time to get rid of the fridge, since now it is obvious that the movers charge by weight and perhaps we didn't even need movers if we didn't have the stupid fridge. At this point, the fridge is now "stupid," but my wife is still very attached. So we move the fridge.

Flash forward to arriving at the new home. The sellers have left a perfectly nice, relatively new fridge in the kitchen. But my wife would have none of it. We will unplug it, she says, and sell it or banish it to the basement. Of course, there is a lock nut on the copper wires attaching it to the water supply, and we cannot detach the fridge from the wall. We have decided that when the movers come, they will put OUR fridge in the middle of the kitchen, and we will have 2 fridges until we can sell the 1st fridge to someone who can come remove it themselves.

Flash forward to the day the movers arrive at our new home. The fridge sits outside the front door, waiting anxiously to enter it's new residence. 1 mover stands at the back, 1 at the front, I'm on the side. Mover #1 moves away from the fridge to go inside the house and see how much clearance there is. Mover #2 is adjusting the positioning of the fridge. I'm watching in slow motion. Mover #2 starts to lean the fridge, I think to get a better angle. And then I realize that Mover #2 thinks Mover #1 is on the other side. I quickly say "He's not there!" but wisely stay out of the way as Mover #2 pushes the fridge over into nothingness. Yes, they dropped the fridge. Big dent on the corner, big gash on side, totally not fixable. We finally unhook the 1st fridge, carry it down to the basement ourselves with the help of some friends, scratching some of the wood flooring along the way, and we now again have only one (dented) fridge in the kitchen. I hate refrigerators!


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