Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Well, I'm officially not "waiting" anymore... The majority of the stuff is on a moving truck and on it's way back east (with several hundred minor stops throughout the country along the way). It will be a while before I get my stuff on the other end, but the stress of packing it is finally over.

Packing IS stressful. Especially when you don't leave yourself enough time to go through and throw out stuff you really don't need. We have WAY too much stuff. I now officially HATE stuff. Stuff sucks. And nothing sucks more than packing the stuff you hate into a truck when homeless people keep walking by while pushing carts filled with all of the belongings they have in this world. Except, maybe that IN ADDITION to the truck driver saying he has no need for whatever is in the 2 boxes a previous client decided they didn't want because his truck is his home and he has no need for stuff. Sigh.

So, for friends reading this blog, I have a request. Remind me that I don't need stuff. Remind me that I am never allowed to move again. And please, oh please, for birthdays, holidays, or just in good spirits, please don't buy me any stuff. If you feel you must in the future, I would love a phone call, a card, a dinner out, some time and thoughts and pictures and memories of me and you, special friends. That's it. Please no more stuff.

In the meantime, both scared and looking forward to the move ahead. REALLY scared about finding work. Looking forward to being with my wife and exploring a new area and owning a home. But the stress gets padded with a (very fast) trek across country with one of my best friends. I think and hope it will be a nice bonding experience... we don't have enough of those any more. I'll keep you posted... and of course, once I arrive at the other end, stay tuned for more "Protests of the Week"...


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