Thursday, February 24, 2005

The (Very) Long Road, Part 1 of 6

Well, I finally arrived in Maryland... I've actually been here almost 2 weeks now. Without our stuff and trying to get settled in a new place, it has taken a while to catch up and put the trip down into words. I guess, like the move itself, writing about it has been a slow process, and maybe even a bit painful. Venturing outward is not always easy... and can often be scary.

The day before I left, I picked up my friend Travis from the airport. He was kind enough to fly in to accompany me on the drive. We spent the afternoon eating at "The Hat", running a few errands, and packing up the car. In the evening, we went to see Patti Rayne perform and a couple of friends joined us there. Patti's performance always makes me feel good, and this night was no exception. She was in peak performance mode, filled with funny anecdotes and comments, and a few hours worth of brilliant covers. And she even performed "Tiny Room" one last time before I would hit the road not knowing when I would return. It was a nostalgic end to a lifetime of memories in L.A.

Driving Day #1
Travis and I woke very early in the morning, on the suggestion that driving during daylight makes for an easier ride. I had a tearful goodbye with my family... even my cat seemed to know this was goodbye. (I will be going back for my cat in a couple of months, but thought she might handle a flight with me better than 4 days in a car). As we drove out of Los Angeles, we were greeted with perhaps the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. Granted, I'm not often up early enough to watch the sun rise, but this was truly spectacular. It felt almost as if the sun was saluting the trip... or saying "Hey, stupid! Look what you're driving away from!!!" I wondered if it was an omen and, if so, what kind. As we drove away, the contrast of the snow in the mountains behind us and the dryness of the desert ahead of us was amazing! Travis was snapping away digital pictures and reminding me to do the same. (Note: check back on the site later... I hope to add pictures or a link in the not TOO distant future). Travis' camera has all the bells and whistles, a much more significant depth of field, and just takes BEAUTIFUL pictures. Mine is OK, relatively new, but less professional and sophisticated. I snapped away what I could on mine, and we saved the really important pictures (like "Welcome to [fill in state here]" for Travis' camera. The conversation was a bit slow in coming. I filled the early part of the day by munching on the brownies my mom had packed for us, and chewing on some grape bubble gum. Most of my CD's were in a box on a truck somwhere between CA and MD, and the reception on the radio was intermittent at best. We eventually wound up conversing on topics such as Canadian vs. U.S. healthcare and why I won't see the doctor about my headaches or bum knee because my insurance rates go up and I'm at risk to be canceled. We agreed Canada was better. We also talked about the effect people have on us, and how someone can make a large impact on your life without even knowing it, and how important some people are... even if we don't say it enough. That's one of those topics I've been thinking about a lot lately, especially since I'm leaving so many important people behind. We arrived in Albuquerque late on Day #1. My first time in New Mexico... but many more "firsts" to come...


At 7:19 PM, Blogger ForestRane said...

Whoa, I stop checking for a week and you write a books worth of posts. It'll take me a few days to catch up.

All in all, I'm glad you made it into your new house, no matter what happened to the fridge. (which I haven't read yet, so I don't know.)


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