Thursday, February 24, 2005

The (Very) Long Road, Part 6 - the last part

Driving Day #4

It is on this driving day #4 that I realize we are in fact on travel day #6, and I'm really glad I decided to leave the cat behind. We woke up a bit later today, since we were already in Virginia. Even still, we were both very tired and therefore thankful that the not-so-great hotel at least had wonderful water pressure and a shower that was almost as good as a wake-up call. We continued with our television trivia game and it was on this day that I made my discovery: "Lost" is probably a take-off of the long forgotten classic "Land of the Lost". Small, but important epiphany. You heard it here first! As we were driving through Virginia, we hit a small snow flurry. Then what seemed to be a whole bunch of little white bugs hit the windshield, and a little tornado-like dust storm swooped up on the ground in front of the cars on the highway. When I asked what all that stuff was, Travis nearly busted a gut. He answered simply: "That's snow." It was then that we both realized how much trouble this native Californian was in for. Meanwhile, we headed to lunch at yet another Waffle House. Note to self: once is very good, twice is less good. After exiting the Waffle House, I noticed a "Hardee's" next door. Hardee's is the east coast equivalent to Carl's Jr. Why the name Carl's Jr. is more appealing in the west and Hardee's is more appealing in the east seems like one of life's mysteries I'll never have answered. For more new discoveries of mine, check out my next post... I've noticed several differences since arriving in the east. As we got back on the road again, I felt fear creeping in... We were getting close to Maryland. On the way, however, I marveled at the beauty of Virginia, despite its politics. The scenery was amazing, even with the dead grass and leaveless trees. I could only imagine how overwhelming a place it would be in the spring or fall.

In the afternoon, we arrived at my new home... mine! There is much to do, not the least of which is finding a job to pay for it. But for now I'm just trying to settle in and figure things out here. I'm not in (Ar)Kansas anymore...


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