Friday, March 11, 2005


Just a couple newly noted differences out here.

Lights. Lights on emergency vehicles are very blinky, spew in all directions, and generally could induce an epileptic fit in the hands of any surgeon. They are highly annoying and intrusive, which is great when they're speeding through an intersection, but not so great when they're at a traffic stop waking up half the neighborhood in the middle of the night. At least Los Angeles had the decency to fix their lights so they would only shine in the needed direction, at a nice pace, and with only the desired colors necessary for a particular occasion. And it's not just emergency vehicles with these strobe lights. It's also the tow trucks, construction vehicles, and school buses.

I think they have problems with lights in general out here. They have yet to perfect the timed street light. Perhaps this is to allow drivers a chance to stop from time to time to figure out where they are, since there are no street signs. But inevitably, on any given drive, you will be stopped for no apparent reason... and the stops are usually quite long. Someone really ought to get these folks some traffic sensors!


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