Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tomorrow is Wednesday!

In case you were wondering, tomorrow is Wednesday. I know, because I've been waiting about a week for tomorrow. See, the weather report on the news out here has this really neat graph, which shows the 7-day forecast along with a linear representation of the normal average temperature for the day. While I've been told repeatedly how mild a winter this year's has been, it has nevertheless been below average most of the time since I've moved. So last week, I was watching the news and the infamous weather graph appeared. A nice line across the middle showed the average temperatues. And of course, as usual, the line for the predicted temperatures appeared generously below that line. Except, on Wednesday, it showed that we were FINALLY! going to peak above average!!! So, I've been watching, and no one has backed off of that prediction. I keep asking people if they know what Wednesday is... they seem surprised by my answer. "Wednesday is the day we go above average!," I tell them. Today, the clouds started to clear in time for a beautiful sunset. The temperatures started to warm and the sky was actually blue. Yes, indeed, tomorrow is Wednesday... finally!


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