Monday, May 16, 2005

Last Weekend

This past weekend I went to a Cubs-Nationals game. It was pretty fun for the most part, but now I definitely understand why they need to build a new stadium... The stairs are way too big and unsafe, the outfield is compressed, the layout is poor, and the foodstands... well, let's just say when a baseball game sells out of food before selling out of seats, it just isn't well planned.

I also cleaned off my bicycle in anticipation of Bike to Work Day this Friday. I don't think the mileage would be that bad, but it's the traffic I'm worried about. I haven't decided yet whether I think I'll risk it or not.

I had some friends in from out of town, so I got a tour of the Dupont Circle area, which was great. I think the suburbs have given me some serious city withdrawal... besides, who doesn't like being smiled at by a few cute girls? I think I was a bit too prude in my 20's, and I feel a rebellious nature now permeating. Can't wait to go clubbing! (Wow, did I just say that?)

Also went to "Taste of Wheaton," a food sampling event of one of the areas local restaurants.

And of course, the weekend would not be complete without another DC area large corporate horror story... this time it was the Metro. Because their stupid card readers do not work properly, I was held hostage at a Metro parking lot for over 45 minutes (after midnight no less!) because the parking nazis wouldn't let me out, even though I had enough money on my card. Needless to say, I also spent my weekend writing letters to Metro and Comcast Cable. The metro one isn't as interesting... my summary above is most of the extent of the problem. But the problems with Comcast are unreal. I might edit the letter a bit and post it, so keep your eyes open! :)


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Adam R. said...

I'm glad that you liked our walk around Dupont Circle. :) As I mentioned, one of my favorite clubs in D.C. closed, but I'm sure I can find another one that you'd like. Perhaps we can go to one whenever I next see you.


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