Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Turn Up the Heat

In my VERY-mini update (because details are so painful), just some more examples of how life doesn't usually go according to plan:

- My wife FINALLY graduated the academy, proving for about 1 minute how eventually you can stop getting screwed... And one minute later learning that moving 3,000 miles away to be treated better doesn't prevent you from continuing to get screwed over and over again.

- I learned that after leaving a relatively decent TV job, that my biggest childhood actor crush of ALL TIME is the new star of the show... However, I am getting much praise at my new job, so that's a small consolation. A very, very small consolation.

- Yesterday, we officially ranked 3rd and climbing in the worst traffic in the nation. Leave LA for better traffic only to hear we're gaining on them quickly (of course, not in our cars!)

- Today it was 87 degrees. I think it was cool and rainy in LA just a couple of days ago. 87 degrees is HOT. Not as hot as I'm used to, but I've started to acclimate... and now 87 is HOT!


At 10:00 PM, Blogger travis said...

What happened to your wife?


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